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A rather useful bag

Good morning.

The bag, on a blanket, with small supplies.

It is strange for me to write about this project, because it feels like it was made a century ago… Probably because too many things have happened since then. As I have started crafting clothes, I started accumulating small supplies, and I had no box to store them. Therefore, I have made this bag with the leftovers from the pink scarf (coming soon), and a remnant of pink fabric for the lining; and I got myself a storage bag for my small scissors, stitch holders, etc.

The bag, on a blanket, with small supplies.

Due to its age and frequent manipulation, the bag is showing signs of use. I have turned it on its better side to take the photos. On the other hand, it was already quickly and poorly made in the first place, and will never look better than a beginner’s attempt at resourcefulness. Yet, there is no shame because this bag has been very useful over the years.

The pattern is A Bag for Knitters by Addie May Bodwell, from a vintage knitting book available through the mazes of the book archives of the internet. I am sure you can make it better than how I have made it back then!

What about you? Do you have a project or item that is less than perfect but very useful? Let me know.

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