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Striped blue mittens

As with the striped blue hat (coming soon), I have used leftovers and remnants of three different yarns, while trying very hard to make the use of small fragments look like it was done on purpose. The strategy remains the same: I have tried to approach this project like abstract art, focusing on the use of a specific colour palette and wintery feeling, rather than to try to emulate nature… and, of course, also to use those leftovers, I’m not so subtle in my endeavours.

The mittens are flat on a table, in the middle of my breakfast plate and coffee. A sentiment of pride pushed me to take a photo.
The mittens, finished on the table.

The original pattern, Warmest Mittens by Kris Percival, already featured stripes, but I thought I could play with their size to use as many remaining fragments as possible. The result might look a bit uneven, but I think it’s even more interesting this way, because it’s unpredictable and unexpected.

I was also in an interesting phase when I experimented with the stitches, after my experiment with the brioche stitch, and I’ve tried the twisted stitch which, according to the internet, should be avoided in some cultures, but is perfectly acceptable in other cultures… The result, however, is a more dense fabric. It doesn’t stretch as much, but it’s thicker and warmer. Although it looks like a mistake (at least for the purists of the art), I try to abide by the old rule “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”, so I’ll keep it this way. Why would it be a problem if it’s warmer?

Original sketch for the set.
The Original sketch

I like how the blue cowl (coming soon), blue hat (blue hat), and these mittens are completely different from one another, and yet create a set. Sometimes, it’s not so much about getting a perfect matchy-matchy kit, but about creating an overall pleasing colour palette with your coat, boots, etc. It’s the final outfit that matters the most. Therefore, I cannot wait to try it with my coat, and see what it all looks like together!

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