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“Once Upon a Time”-Inspired Beret

After surfing the web for an ideal accessory for several hours, I have finally found a free pattern on Ravelry by Leslie Dalton that replicates the beret worn by Mary-Margaret/Snow White in ABC’s Once Upon A Time. I immediately saw its potential: it’s not cosplay, but it’s “inspired by”, it’s a bit preppy, and it can be very classy, depending on the rest of the outfit. I knew right away that this beret could be one of my basics.

Since I liked its design as it is, I did not stray away from the original; I’ve kept it a neutral white. (White for Snow White? Yes, I’m sure the costume designer must have thought about this.) It also makes it an item I associate with winter, for some subliminal reason.

The original sketch for the outfit.

Although the cable design gave me a little bit of “finger exercise” and a few drops of sweat, I think it is exactly what makes this hat so beautiful, so it was very well worth the effort! This beret is such a fun and versatile item. Plus, because of its original inspiration, it makes me feel like fairy-tale royalty… and all for the very affordable cost of reclaimed white yarn and a few hours of effort while (rather passively and inattentively) watching television. It was very well worth it.

There’s also a little math problem (at least for me) in the pattern for the row after the ribbing, so here are my maths if you need them:
CO 96 sts, rib as written on pattern.
Next row: (K1fb, K1fb, K1) x 15, K1. Repeat this 6 times.
Last stitch is K1. Total: 156 sts.

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