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A few cultural differences

There are many linguistic and cultural differences that distinguish us from Europeans, thanks to the evolution of culture on two different continents for about 400 years. Some differences may seem subtle, while others are confusing. To simplify things for our European friends, here is a list of Quebec words accompanied by their translation: QuebecEurope and… Continue reading A few cultural differences

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Lemon iced tea (30 cal.)

This is an old classic, and always a favorite on a hot summer day. I know what you’re thinking: boiling water and making tea is not the most difficult thing, but I’ve been advised to build my blog with as many blog posts in each category as possible... We all have to start somewhere… And… Continue reading Lemon iced tea (30 cal.)

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My Fall-Winter 2020-21 Ready-To-Wear roadmap

Good morning! September is coming, and it is now time to start planning a new collection. My second collection is actually a casual collection that I have created (the proper word is “assembled”) with garments I have already created, separated by colour palettes. In addition to those, I will create new garments as well to… Continue reading My Fall-Winter 2020-21 Ready-To-Wear roadmap

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“Once Upon a Time”-Inspired Beret

After surfing the web for an ideal accessory for several hours, I have finally found a free pattern on Ravelry by Leslie Dalton that replicates the beret worn by Mary-Margaret/Snow White in ABC’s Once Upon A Time. I immediately saw its potential: it’s not cosplay, but it’s “inspired by”, it’s a bit preppy, and it… Continue reading “Once Upon a Time”-Inspired Beret

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A vegan’s guide to the best plant-based protein sources

This specific post might address beginner vegans rather than experienced ones, but I thought I might cover this basic subject while my blog is still relatively new. Switching to a vegetarian or vegan “diet” (although I prefer the word “lifestyle”) is not the most complicated thing to do. In fact, it’s likely you’ve already eaten… Continue reading A vegan’s guide to the best plant-based protein sources


4 ways I reduce my carbon footprint in my daily life

This is an important subject for me, especially during these times of Covid-19 crisis, with single-use masks and gloves being thrown into the garbage each day. We can all do a small effort to live a more socially-responsible and environmentally-friendly life. I may not be perfect, but here are the four life decisions I have… Continue reading 4 ways I reduce my carbon footprint in my daily life